Asteroid Defense Brain Game

Asteroid Defense

Math Brain Training Game

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Using math equations, calculate the power needed by the railgun to destroy the incoming asteroid.

Some asteroids may take several shots to destroy.

The game is over when your health is depleted.

As the difficulty increases, the selection of numbers used to create the Railgun Power Equation will decrease.

How To Play Asteroid Defense

Step 1: Asteroid Defense Instruction

Step 1: Using the keypad, create a mathematical equation to power the railgun.

Step 2: Asteroid Defense Instruction

Step 2: The result should be less than or equal to the health of the asteroid.

Step 3: Asteroid Defense Instruction

Step 3: Click on the firing button to launch a projectile toward the asteroid.

Step 4: Asteroid Defense Instruction

Step 4: If the result is more than the current health of the asteroid, the railgun will overload, damaging you.